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Chucky Bartolo of Valherovlog fame talks art in Malta exclusively to us! Chucky Bartolo is the ultimate package when it comes to vlogging: he’s hilarious, he’s honest, he’s timely, and he always points out his mane underneath the hat/cap he uses to cover it – not in this video, obviously, although if you look closely he’s wearing a hat here too! What compelled me to ask Chucky to be featured on the blog, however, was the fact that he offers his viewers something that many Maltese, and indeed foreign, vloggers…read more


Waterbiscuit’s Scrumptious Double Fried Chips

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Sinful and Godly with a touch of salt: Here is the recipe for what could be Malta’s best chips. Waterbiscuit in St Julian’s is by far one of the best restaurants on the island. Open 24/7 and boasting a mouth-watering menu and an energetic, super-friendly and incredibly polite staff, it has really pushed the bar. I am particularly fond of their Appletini and the Chilli and Passion Cocktail; the chicken liver parfait with pickled apples and toasted brioche bread; the paccheri with chicken confit, mushrooms, pancetta and café au lait,…read more

The Kingston University Chronicles, Vol. 2: What Does Depression Give Me?

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A mash-up for a cause: A project about depression. WhatDoesDepressionGiveMe.co.uk was created by my peer, Ida Sjöman, and I in honour of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Month which is observed in America. The interactive video projects the user into the mind of the depressed using visuals and audio, while it also turns the same user into the one inflicting the pain with its interactivity. What it seeks to explain, however, is that the ‘bully’, or the person who is adding to the pain and worry of someone who’s depressed,…read more

The Kingston University Chronicles, Vol. 1: House of Fenech

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Design and craftsmanship: an introduction to House of Fenech Graduating is important, but like many other things in life, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. Throughout my three years at university my peers and I engaged in many-a-project, and although this might sound somewhat dramatic, they often pushed us to the limits of our abilities and visions. One of the projects I had to do in second year was a website from scratch – we had to learn HTML, Flash, Photoshop and a thousand other things which I…read more