Art: Why Should You Care?

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This article does what it says on the tin. It’s also bullet-pointed, concise and comes with pretty pictures and emotive video clips. ‘Art’, in this case, is used in the broader sense of term (ie: anything (painting, sculpture, literature, film, music, etc.) that was created as an expression or through the application of human creative skill.) So: Why Should You Care?  1.    It moves us emotionally. 2.    It makes us ponder things and evaluate our lives. 3.    It forms part of our national and global identity. 4.    It can reveal the true story of our ancestors…read more

The Archaeology of Acoustics

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Ancient sounds and the science behind them: Malta is the seat of the world’s first archaeoacoustics conference. As anyone who knows me knows: I am a total history buff and watch at least three solid hours of documentaries a day (usually first thing in the morning and while I’m snoozing off late at night); so when I was invited to the opening of an archaeoacoustics conference here in Malta I got pretty excited. Organised by Linda Eneix, a conference organiser who is based in the US, this conference has put…read more

Of Tea & Chatter

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How a good, old afternoon tea at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa is an easy way to revitalise. Fruit flans and fine bone china, wood-smoked cheddar-filled sandwiches and Choux pastry with cream. For centuries the preserve of the rich (mainly because tea leaves were expensive and the working classes rarely had time to sit down for a two-hour affair half-way through the day), afternoon tea is to this very day an elaborate ritual. But invited to afternoon tea at Orange Grove Brasserie within the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa…read more

An Audience with the Connoisseur

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‘Connoisseur’ has been giving the Maltese Facebook community a daily-dose of Beauty since June 2013, and has garnered a cult-like following of Beauty lovers. In his first interview ever, the incredibly talented SEBASTIAN SAID gets invited to the Connoisseur’s palazzo in Valletta to talk about his love for Beautiful things. The Connoisseur – who asked to remain anonymous – has also chosen eight pictures of beautiful things: the only criterion we gave him was ‘love’.  As I walk up the columned marble staircase, the scent of amber wafts through the…read more

Press Release: Slim by Proskins

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The world-renowned anti-cellulite and anti-ageing range of Slim by Proskins products is now in Malta and available from Bortex and other key retailers. Would you like your body to look and feel better with little-to-no effort? Well, thanks to the pioneering range of Slim by Proskins, you can – easily, comfortably and effectively! In fact, this brilliant series of intelligent apparel helps to boost circulation, and soften and regenerate skin. This improves tone and combats the unsightly signs of cellulite, also helping with fluid retention – so they are ideal…read more