‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts Go On Sale

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The university-based LGBTQQI organisation WE ARE’s signature ‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts are now on sale through Parascandalo Marco’s Facebook page & website.

Parascandalo Marco’s ‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts, created specifically for the LGBTQQI youth and student organisation WE ARE, are now on sale for the general public.

This collaboration will see 50 per cent of the profits from the T-shirts being donated to WE ARE in order to help it reach its aims to both represent LGBTQQI youth and students in local, national and international fora, as well as to organise and lead workshops on gender, sexuality, homophobia and transphobia.


“I am a firm believer that WE ARE’s work is beneficial to many LGBTQQI youth and students who otherwise would not have had a voice in various environments,” says Marco Parsacandalo, the designer behind Parascandalo Marco. “These funds are there to help the organisation raise support and awareness for the LGBTQQI community in general too.”

The T-shirts, which can be purchased through Parascandalo Marco’s Facebook page or website, cost €40 each. For more information you can contact Marco directly at marcoparascandalo@gmail.com.