Press Release: Around The World in 80 Minutes

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Brilliant dance show highlighted the talent of Academy of Dance Arts students.
St Agatha’s Auditorium in Rabat recently came alive with the excitement of over 200 young dancers, who took to the stage to perform a fabulous collection of ballet, jazz, Spanish and contemporary pieces.

Working within the theme of ‘Around The World in 80 Minutes’, the jam-packed auditorium cheered on the delightful collection of characters, which included feisty cowboys and Indians, pretty luau dancers from Hawaii, and little soldiers from England.

“Around The World in 80 Minutes is the second show that we’ve organised since setting up in 2010,” explains Rowena Grech, the Principal of the Academy of Dance Arts.

Academy of Dance Arts 061401“We chose this particular theme because we knew it would give our various teachers the chance to choreograph different parts of the show inspired by different parts of the world, and all linked to the type of classes they teach.”

In addition, the topic proved to be a fantastic learning curve for the school’s young students, as the pupils were given the chance to research various regions and learn what they could about the cultures in question.

Meanwhile, the costumes, made by Adelina Abdilla and her team, proved to be a genuine highlight of the show as they were age-appropriate and very striking.

“We chose each region based on the ages and abilities of our students,” continues Ms Grech, who also teaches classical ballet and Spanish dance within the Academy. “For instance, our youngest students emulated the penguins in Alaska or the kangaroos in Australia, while our senior students utilised their talents to evoke the emotion of the Northern Lights or the warmth of Spain.”

At the end of the show, with all of the students gathered on stage, one student from each class was rewarded for his or her improvement and dedication to dance through the year. Additionally, three students from across the school, Leila Busuttil (Junior Award), Raissa Baldacchino (Middle School Award) and Gaghel Dingli (Senior Award), were given scholarships for their hard work. Finally, Sarah Cachia was given a very special award in recognition of her consistent dedication to dance.

“As part of our ethos to really encourage our students to develop their talents, we believe in the importance of giving them the chance to perform in front of a large audience,” continues Ms Grech. “This show definitely gave them, and us, the chance to unite as students and teachers, and to work towards one fantastic goal that we could proudly present to the public.

“We’re very proud of the results and look forward to other successful projects, like this one, in the future.”

The Academy of Dance Arts has three studios – two in Lija, and another at San Anton School in Mgarr. Courses are available for children aged three and up, across the disciplines of ballet, jazz, contemporary and Spanish dance

The Academy of Dance Arts will be organized ballet and Spanish dance classes during the summer months.

For further information on the Academy of Dance Arts and on the summer programme, kindly contact Rowena Grech on 2142 1632 or email