Be Your Own Jewellery Designer

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Yana’s Jewellery in Msida allows you to choose your own stones, materials and beads to create a piece of jewellery that is truly your own. Here, ANNA MARIE GALEA talks to Yana Azzopardi on how it’s done, the reason behind this unorthodox approach to jewellery-making and what inspired her to start her own jewellery business.

I was once told that life is too short to wear boring jewellery and this phrase couldn’t but naturally spring to mind when I received my first piece of Yana’s Jewellery as a graduation present a little over a year ago. Yana’s Jewellery has become a household name not only for her beautiful and intricate designs, but also for offering her clients the opportunity to construct their own bespoke pieces.

Yana originally got into the jewellery-making business after being inspired by the stacks of bangles and necklaces that she owned to create more pieces that she liked. Following some time spent designing jewellery in her own bedroom, she took part in an exhibition in London which was followed by the opening of her first shop.

Yana finds inspiration both in nature and her surroundings as well as in the multiple colours of fabrics; this not only colours her work, but it also gives it a distinctive bohemian vibe reminiscent of Indian, gypsy and African jewellery. This melange of different cultures and the colours found in their respective regions brings a true freedom to Yana’s jewellery designs, enriching them with a variety of stones, materials and gems.

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Freedom, flow and variety are so integral to Yana’s work that she wanted to afford her clients the same luxury of designing pieces that they too could be passionate about:

I offer my clients the chance to customise their own jewellery by choosing their own stones, materials or beads at my shop. I like to think of it as an experience. The idea is to allow every person to embrace their own love for jewellery and be creative with their own imagination. Clients are also free to bring along any garment or accessory with them, especially if they want a particular piece designed for a special occasion.

In order to give her aficionados a truly unique and personal bespoke experience, clients are invited to choose whichever coloured beads they want and are then guided through the design process by Yana, who takes colour tone, bone structure and character into consideration.

Yana strives both for excellence as well as for an unforgettable jewellery experience for her clients. Through her bespoke service, clients are invited to embrace their creative side and create unique pieces that speak volumes about the wearer.

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You can design your own piece of Yana’s Jewellery at her shop in Triq Misrah il-Barriera, Msida (open 9:30 – 14:00 and 16:30 – 19:00 Mon-Fri; and 10:00 – 13:30 on Sat). Yana Azzopardi can be contacted on 99841509, on 21335036, or at You can follow Yana’s Jewellery on Facebook and Pinterest.