SLAM: Saving the Christmas Card

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ANNA MARIE GALEA speaks to Silvio Micallef from SLAM and finds out why there’s nothing better than a SLAM card this Christmas. Despite the fact that the digital era has rendered many traditional methods of sending love and greetings somewhat useless, there are few things which give me a warmer, fuzzier feeling than receiving a beautiful, handwritten letter or Christmas card. Indeed, for me, it’s not quite Christmas without a pretty, personalised card full of festive cheer. Originating in the United Kingdom in 1843, the custom of sending Christmas cards was…read more

One-On-One with Gerard James Borg

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We asked Gerard James Borg, author of Sliema Wives and Madliena Married Men, the questions you’ve always wanted to. PLUS, we got an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from the book due out this Friday! What was the inspiration behind Madliena Married Men? People, both married and unmarried. But the married ones had so many more juicy things to tell – or hide! People are always a great inspiration, especially when you’re building up the characters in a story and all the things that happen to them in between the covers (pun intended, of course!). How…read more

22 Years of Meander

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Presenter and author MARIELLA PISANI BENCINI speaks exclusively to iggyfenech.com about her career, her second novel, and Meander, which is now in its 22nd season. Over the past 22 years, Meander has brought art and culture into the living rooms of the Maltese people, and given those who would have otherwise never really come in contact with art a chance to enjoy and experience it in the comfort of their own homes. Here we talk exclusively to Mariella Pisani Bencini, who has presented and produced Meander during its entire run (first on PBS…read more

Introducing: Boylesque

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The BurlesKlub A La Verve – Burlesque & Comedy Night taking place this Friday at Remedy will make Maltese cultural history: it will open the doors to the underground-yet-glamourous world of boylesque to Malta. So, with just one day to go, I ask the same set of questions to boylesque dancers Pretty Boy Rock from Texas, USA, Mr Blanco from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and our very own burlesque dancer Undine LaVerve from Malta – and the answers are – how shall I put this? – revealing! One of my favourite assignments while at…read more

Day 11: The ‘Romina’ Bag (words by Iggy Fenech)

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Iggy Fenech chats to Romina Camilleri: the model, the mum & the inspiration behind the Charles&Ron ‘Romina’ Bag. Beautiful and sophisticated, there is very little wonder as to why Romina Camilleri has been one of Charles&Ron’s muses from the very beginning. Here, I chat to her about her relationship with Charles&Ron, their funniest moments together, and what it feels like to lend your name to a best-selling, designer bag.   How would you describe your relationship with Charles and Ron? I’m very close to Charles and Ron; they’re like family to me….read more

Day 10: The ‘Carlton’ Bag (words by Gayle Cutajar)

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Fashion stylist-cum-fashion writer, Gayle Cutajar, chats to Carlton Agius about his Charles&Ron namesake bag. Stylish and fashion-forward, Carlton Agius took some time out from his busy schedule as a creative assistant to Malta’s leading, contemporary  lifestyle brand, Charles&Ron, to tell us all about the ‘Carlton’ Bag. Where you a big part of their latest collection? How did you inspire them? As my position suggests, being a creative assistant means I have a substantial role in the designs, as I assist the whole design process, starting from the early stages of designs…read more

Day 9: The ‘Mae’ Bag (Words by Jo Caruana)

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Editor of Style on Sunday magazine and CEO of WriteMeAnything.com, Jo Caruana, interviews Mae Apap (who has since got married and become Mae Gera – congrats, Mae!) about her Charles&Ron namesake bag. Mae Apap is one of Charles&Ron’s muses – and a truly beautiful one at that! Here she shares her memories of being told that one of the designers’ now-iconic bags would be named after her. “It was absolutely priceless,” she smiles. How would you describe yourself? I’d say I am a very open-minded person. I am also quite shy…read more

Day 8: The ‘Elaine’ Bag (words by Marc Buhagiar)

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Marc Buhagiar speaks to Elaine Busuttil, Charles&Ron’s muse for the luxurious ‘Elaine‘ Clutch Bag. Charles&Ron’s Elaine clutch bag is sleek, soft and simply to die for. Made from real leather with suede lining, the fabulous Elaine clutch bag is the epitome of elegance. Its inspiration comes in the form of Elaine Busuttil, a hairdresser and mother of one, who has been a long-time friend of Charles Borg, one of the creative, dynamic duo. Charles and Elaine’s friendship started when the two lived next door to each other years ago. Their…read more

Day 7: The ‘Krista’ Bag (words by Arabella Hogg)

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Arabella Hogg interviews Krista Decesare, the woman behind the ‘Krista‘ Bag design. Nickname: Bree (Desperate Housewives) Describe yourself in three words: Funny, Indecisive & Outgoing What has been your greatest achievement? Definitely my family. What is your biggest fear? I’m afraid of heights. If you ruled the world, what would your first law be? 4-day work week! Going out or staying in? Mmm… Staying in! Although I must admit I do enjoy a good night out. Chocolate or cake? That’s a tough one… Chocolate! High heels or flats? Flats or wedges? Fashion wise, who is your biggest idol? At…read more

Day 6: The ‘Claudia’ Bag (words by Ramona Depares)

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One of Charles&Ron’s most well-known muses, Claudia Calleja is a household name for anyone who knows the first thing about Maltese fashion. Here, she tells Ramona Depares about the story behind the Claudia Bag. How did your collaboration with Charles & Ron start? I was called to be one of the models for one of their shows and from then on…it’s history! What do you admire most about them? Although they’re very talented designers, they are very down-to-earth people and yet, very professional at the same time. What was your…read more