Living, Breathing Art: Malta’s Most Tattooed Man

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Art is not simply a painted canvas on an easel, nor is it poetry being put to melody. For anything to be art it has to have a memory or an emotion that not only shines through but that imprints itself on the audience, or something that provokes outrage and awe in it. That is why this week we talk not to an artist but to someone who has made art his lifestyle. His name is Charles Calleja – better known as ‘Il-Gadazz’ – and he is Malta’s most inked man….read more

One-on-One with Malta’s Artists: Anna Galea

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Anna Galea is one of Malta’s finest artists and is particularly well-known for her sumptuous depiction of flowers. Tutored by the likes of Sarah Warren, Harry Alden and Anton Calleja, Mrs Galea holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History of Art and Archaeology and has also attended the Malta School of Arts. She has three solo exhibitions under her belt, and has been exhibited in France, Australia, at the European Parliament in Brussels, at Palace Kheridiene in Tunis, and at the Salone Borromini in Rome. Her watercolours hang in…read more

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