Equal Rights for Everyone

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Human rights are beyond politics and partisanships, beyond religion, ethnicity, nations and states. And they should be for everyone without discrimination.

No one has the right to tell anyone that they are not equal, that they do not deserve to officialise their partnerships, that they would not make good parents. No one has the right to make anyone else – of any race, ability, sexual orientation or gender – feel inferior.

I, along with all the other people featured below, stand for justice and equality. For same sex couples to have the right to get married and become parents. For the end of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

If you’re of the same mind as the friends and the Maltese personalities and politicians who sent in their selfies to show support and solidarity for equality, then sign the petition. Show the world what you stand for, and be on the RIGHT and JUST side of history.

To help the cause you can also share your selfie bearing the legend ‘Equal Rights for Everyone’ on Facebook or e-mail it to me at iggy@iggyfenech.com to be added to the gallery above. And let it be known that: