Introducing: Recured.

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Over the past couple of weeks, a clothing revolution was happening. You may have noticed it, or seen a photo or come across a starkly honest status.

I was instantly interested in the brand – not just in their amazing designs but also in their choice of wording and the way they’re marketing their products. Understandably, as it still hadn’t (and hasn’t) been launched, questions were raised; questions which I felt were too important to be left unanswered.


‘Original Gold Recured.’

'Charlie Wonder'

‘Charlie Wonder’

Johann of Airport Impressions wearing 'Zebra'

Johann of Airport Impressions wearing ‘Zebra’

Well, on 3rd July, the wait will be over, but before that, the Recured. Team has agreed to answer my and all of your questions.

What is Recured.?

Recured. is a clothing brand established in Malta producing urban street wear clothing and apparel.

What does the name mean?

Honestly, Google’s Random Word Generator randomly generated ‘Recured.’. It stuck, and the team started producing its variants such as ‘CURE’ and ‘be the cure’.

Who is behind Recured.?

Recured. has a dedicated team of designers working around the clock.  The main team is composed of four people, each with his or her own respective roles.

Does Recured. support child and slave labour?

Recured. aims to be controversial in order to create a sense of awareness and raise sensitivity regarding such issues. Through humourous jibes and captions Recured. shows that other products that are being produced through child and slave labor are being worn by people that are oblivious to such a fact.

Such phenomena are happening around us and people tend to avoid the topic. Recured. addresses this and other issues directly but in a comical way, thus revealing the darker reality.

When is Recured. launching?

Recured. will launch on 3rd July.

Where is Recured. going to be sold?

Recured. shall be sold online on the brand’s official website and at Riot boutique at The Plaza, Sliema.

Do they only have T-shirts?

Recured. is launching with a variety of tank tops, T-shirts and a special edition crop top. The summer collection will be supplemented throughout the warmer months with a whole range of apparel.

However, the design team is already working hard on the winter collection, which, among other things, will consist of sweatpants, jackets and hoodies.


Have more questions? E-mail them to and we’ll pass them on to the Recured. Team.

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