Press Release: Slim by Proskins

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The world-renowned anti-cellulite and anti-ageing range of Slim by Proskins products is now in Malta and available from Bortex and other key retailers.

Would you like your body to look and feel better with little-to-no effort? Well, thanks to the pioneering range of Slim by Proskins, you can – easily, comfortably and effectively!

ProskinsIn fact, this brilliant series of intelligent apparel helps to boost circulation, and soften and regenerate skin. This improves tone and combats the unsightly signs of cellulite, also helping with fluid retention – so they are ideal for use post-pregnancy, as well as to improve lymphatic drainage.

To achieve this, Slim by Proskins products incorporate an array of anti-cellulite ingredients, including retinol (which tones and regenerates the skin), caffeine (boosts circulation), and aloe vera (softens the skin). These ingredients are packed into millions of micro capsules that are woven into the yarn to create unique weapons against ageing and cellulite – and they retain their effectiveness for up to 100 washes.

Pamela Anderson at Proskins

Now independent clinical and sensorial tests have found that, when worn for 28 consecutive days for six-to-eight hours at a time, Slim by Proskins offer up to 76 per cent slimming efficacy, 65 per cent efficacy in the reduction of fat nodes, and can reduce up to two centimetres around the thigh area. Additionally, of those testing Slim by Proskins, 63 per cent noticed a reduction in their cellulite, 67 per cent felt their jeans were looser, and 72 per cent felt a lightness sensation.

Now in Malta for the first time, shoppers can choose from the range of four products already available: cycling shorts, capri pants, full-length leggings and three-quarter sleeved tops. A wider range is expected to be launched in the coming months.

“This special range was a natural advancement from Proskins’ years of experience in creating sportswear that helps athletes’ muscles recover faster after a workout,” explain Proskins’ local distributors Michael Mangion and Sam Borg, adding that the brand has long been a favourite of the England rugby team. “In fact, it uses the same technology as the stockings that are given to patients to boost their circulation – they work perfectly for long flights. Plus they are made from a very soft Lycra material that acts as a second layer of skin, making them comfortable and stylish at the same time. This means you can sleep in them, or go out in them, while taking care of your body too!”


It’s for these reasons that Slim by Proskins are all the rage at the moment, but for once it’s not a fad without any substance.

“These clothes really do what they say on the box and we’re so proud to have brought them to the Maltese market. We’re very much looking forward to seeing what people’s reaction will be once they realise that Slim by Proskins actually work!” add Mr Mangion and Mr Borg.

To find out more about Slim by Proskins find them on Facebook, visit the official site, or make contact by telephone or email on 9983 2022 or via respectively. Proskins are now available from Bortex and other key retailers, including the Fortina Spa Resort, Fortina Fitness Centre, Alfies Hair & Beauty Salon, Chemimart, Ta’ Xbiex Dispensers and online via