Sponsored: Breil’s ROCKmantic Necklace

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The genius of Breil: ROCKmantic is two necklaces in one.

Founded in 1906, Breil has long created iconic pieces that have triggered the imagination of many – I mean, who doesn’t remember the Breil snake necklace? Now, they’re back with a new design that promises to be just as personalisable and versatile.

Breil ROCKmantic 2

The ROCKmantic necklace is a simple chain that can go from daring-evening to rock-chic in a second. Two steel drops at the end of the necklace slide down the entire length to create a pendant-like design from the links, turning the necklace into something completely new.

Made from mouldable steel, the necklace has a clean and modern look, and it comes in four great colours – champagne, graphite, London blue and silver ice.

The best part about it is that it compliments any style and that it’s fit for any occasion. Why not have it flat for a classic-with-a-twist look at your next date, or gathered up to give an edge to your outfit? Flat to a meeting and gathered up for after-work drinks?

With a necklace like ROCKmantic – it’s really up to you to decide!

Breil ROCKmantic 3



The ROCKmantic is available from Sunlab, VIP outlets on Bisazza Street, Sliema and Melita Street, Valletta, as well as a selected number of watch and jewellery boutiques.