Unveiling: Pippa Toledo Cufflinks

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Interior and accessory designer Pippa Toledo finally ventures into the world of men’s accessories – and you’re hearing it here first!

Finding a balance between something that is masculine and beautiful is never easy, and it’s what’s always made men’s accessories very tricky to get right – both in wearing and in creating them. Pippa Toledo, however, has once again risen to the challenge and has created three designs that are intricate yet practical.

The ornamentation and techniques used to make the cufflinks are typical Pippa Toledo, and gold thread – which has become somewhat of a trademark for Pippa’s accessories – was used in all of them, either to join or to form them as a whole. They measure in at either four or six centimetres in length, and beads were used to add a dimension of colour and light to the fabulous creations.

What’s special about these cufflinks is that Pippa has taken something that was already purely ornamental and just made it bombastic and even more visible in a very subtle way. The cufflinks are small and their colours are relatively neutral, but somehow they just shine and beckon to be seen, and that is exactly how men’s accessories should be: understated yet bold.

True to form, Pippa has done a great job and it really is no wonder as to why Pippa’s jewellery has become a staple amongst Malta’s fashionistas and connoisseurs. Her pieces’ intricate designs and fearlessness have not only earned her respect and admiration, but they have also become a recognisable symbol of style.

Pippa Toledo jewellery (including the cufflinks) can be seen/commissioned at her studio found at Garden Terrace Court, Triq il-Baltiku, The Village, St Julians, STJ 1881. Pippa can be contacted by phone on +356 2132 3616 or on +356 2134 1367, or by e-mail at info@pippatoledo.com.

Special thanks to David Camilleri for the photos.