Waterbiscuit’s Scrumptious Double Fried Chips

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Sinful and Godly with a touch of salt: Here is the recipe for what could be Malta’s best chips.

Waterbiscuit in St Julian’s is by far one of the best restaurants on the island. Open 24/7 and boasting a mouth-watering menu and an energetic, super-friendly and incredibly polite staff, it has really pushed the bar.

I am particularly fond of their Appletini and the Chilli and Passion Cocktail; the chicken liver parfait with pickled apples and toasted brioche bread; the paccheri with chicken confit, mushrooms, pancetta and café au lait, and the Waterbiscuit salad Niçoise with freshly grilled tuna. It’s good, fresh food served with a smile and that just makes it amazing.

Brian Grech @ WaterbiscuitNothing, however, and I mean NOTHING, beats their double fried chips! They are their magnum opus, their David, their Oops!…I Did It Again; and I just had to get the recipe to share with you guys!

So, here it is:

Local potatoes are the secret to flavoursome chips,” says David Buttigieg, one of the Chefs de partie at Waterbiscuit. “But it’s the process that gives Waterbiscuit’s chips their great colour and amazing flavour!

Start by boiling unpeeled potatoes until they are cooked through. Allow them to cool before peeling and cutting them into chips. Then, blanch them in vegetable oil at 130°C, allow them to cool down, and fry them again at 185°C. And… voilà, great-looking, amazing-tasting chips!

And voilà!

Waterbiscuit at St George’s Bay, St Julian’s is open 6:30am till 1:00am in the Winter and 24 hours a day seven days a week in the summer with a rotating menu depending on the time of the day. For more information contact them on +356 2376 2225 or on info@waterbiscuit.com.mt. Their menus and more information can be found on their website and they can also be followed on Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Waterbiscuit and were taken by Brian Grech. You can follow Brian Grech on Facebook, Twitter, and by logging onto his website.