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Welcome to IGGYFENECH.com

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Truth is, my family’s as artistic as a matchbox, but they all know their craft inside out. My father has just retired from a career in carpentry that spanned five decades; my mother placed first twice in sewing competitions organised by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacturing & Commerce (although she’s always been more practical than artistic); and my brothers, well, one can tie a rope into a knot blindfolded, and the other was born with the ability to use any kind of programming language known to man.

One thing that’s always taught me, however, is that craftsmanship is as important as the finished product, and thanks to my line of work – which is that of a writer – I’ve come to meet many men and women who are amazing at what they do. In fact, there is a legacy being built by dozens of people sprouting out of every corner of the island while many keep going on their day-to-day lives without realising.

We are growing as a nation, particularly in the fields of art and manufacturing, and I want to be a part of that, I want to stand for it, and I want to push it to my best abilities; and this blog is all about that. About giving exposure to those who work hard to make beautiful, intricate, artistic or funny things, and, obviously, the things they create.

There will also be sponsored posts of shops, boutiques, and brands, and reviews of events happening all over the country so you can always keep up-to-date with anything that’s going on. Coincidentally, if you’d like to commission one of those, just send an e-mail to sales@iggyfenech.com, and if you know of anyone you think should be featured, send one to talent@iggyfenech.com.

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