A Maltese Gift-Guide: Isabel Warrington

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Pass on your season’s greetings, or indeed any greetings at all, with one-off Glamourpuss cards and gift tags by Isabel Warrington.

Isabel Warrington is an actor, designer and artist who started her own brand of cards called ‘Glamourpuss’. Her one-off designs have garnered much acclaim and, being hand-painted, even make gorgeous pictures that can be framed.

Here, she tells us how it all kicked off, when she finds time to paint and who is most likely to love her creations!

isabel 1

“It all started off as a hobby really,” says Isabel Warrington. “but the great response I got when I first sold a few of the cards last Christmas spurred me on to design the logo and brand the cards ‘Glamourpuss’. Each card is individually hand-painted, and therefore you will never find two that are the same.

“Almost all my work is influenced by theatre and my three lovely cats… Inspiration usually kicks in in the evenings, when the day is almost over. I like this because it helps me unwind and prevents me from dozing off in front of the TV!

“I’ve sold many of my cards to foreigners and people who have been after something different and unconventional. I would say my designs are quite camp and are especially appreciated by those who like a touch of glamour!”

Glamourpuss cards can be ordered through Isabel Warrington’s Facebook page. Alternatively you can call her directly on 7933 3845. As of next year, the cards will be distributed to various outlets and will also be made available at www.handmademalta.com in a few days’ time.