A Maltese Gift-Guide: Sef Farrugia

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Simple designs that make a statement: Sef Farrugia’s accessories are the ultimate in neo-Maltese chic!

Sef Farrugia is one of Malta’s most influential up-and-coming designers, with fans dotted all around the world. In Malta, her uncomplicated-yet-bold designs have created a cult following that can be made out at any stylish event, with the US Ambassador for Malta Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley being one such avid supporter.

I caught up with Sef and discussed her latest designs – some of which have just hit the shelves of Henri in Mdina – and what goes into their production. She’s also been kind enough to give us an exclusive look at some of her bowties before they go on sale!

Photos courtesy of and available at Henri, Mdina.

“It always starts with endless research,” says Sef Farrugia, Creative Director & Designer at SEFFARRUGIA. “Then, of course, the design phase kicks in, were various options are considered. I try out different drawings, print ideas, colour schemes and packaging, and only I move on to the manufacturing stage once everything has been decided on.

Rosita Scarf by SEFFARRUGIA

Rosita Scarf by SEFFARRUGIA

“Every step is crucial, as I like to make my products as personal to me as possible. They need to reflect my design ideas and express who I am as a designer, but they also need to be something clients will like. I also like to think that there is no ideal or perfect fit for my products, and that anyone can purchase my creations and adapt them to their own personal style.

“My creations are suitable for women who like to accessorise their little black dress or who like mixing prints in a more extravagant manner; and for men who like a refined-yet-daring finish to their suits or who are simply looking for something sophisticated and distinctive.

“Ultimately, I couldn’t continue making all this without the help of those who have invested in my products so far, so I would like to send them a big thank you from here!”

Sef Farrugia’s products are all sold online through her Facebook page or by e-mail at seffarrugia@gmail.com. Selected products are also stocked at Henri Luxury Gift Boutique in Mdina (located next to Palazzo Falson). You can follow Henri on Facebook and through their website. Sef Farrugia can also be followed on Twitter.