Art: Why Should You Care?

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This article does what it says on the tin. It’s also bullet-pointed, concise and comes with pretty pictures and emotive video clips.

‘Art’, in this case, is used in the broader sense of term (ie: anything (painting, sculpture, literature, film, music, etc.) that was created as an expression or through the application of human creative skill.)

So: Why Should You Care?

 1.    It moves us emotionally.

Francis Ebejer's 'A Wreath for the Innocents' is a story about a love that's been lost.

Francis Ebejer’s ‘A Wreath for the Innocents’
A nobleman falls for a commoner; what ensues is tragic.

2.    It makes us ponder things and evaluate our lives.

Marjanu Vella's Hitan tas-Sejjieh. Poem taken from il-Qawsalla.

Marjanu Vella’s Hitan tas-Sejjieh.
Scanned from a copy of Il-Qawsalla.

3.    It forms part of our national and global identity.

Les Gavroches by Antonio Sciortino. Replica: Upper-Barrakka Gardens, Valetta. Original: Fine Arts Museum, Valletta.

Les Gavroches by Antonio Sciortino.
Original: Malta Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta.
Replica: Upper-Barrakka Gardens, Valetta.

4.    It can reveal the true story of our ancestors – one that is not blighted by politics, power or money.

5.    It sets us apart from any other species that lives on this planet.

St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta

St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta.

6.    It can help us deal with heartbreak, depression, coming out, loneliness and anxiety.

'Remain Faceless' a self-portrait by Robert Attard

Self Portrait by Robert Attard

7.    It is older than us and it will outlive us.

The Maltese Venus, a goddess of fertility. 4,500BC.

The Maltese Venus, a goddess of fertility. ca. 4,500BC.
National Museum of Archeology, Valletta

8.    It can take us places in an instant.

Kris Micallef's REGNVM

Kris Micallef’s REGNVM.
Currently on at Blitz, Valletta till 20 March.

9.  It brings people together.

“Close to 300,000 attend

429 theatre productions”

Source: Times of Malta

9.  It gives us hope for a better future.

'Hallelujah' by Nadine Noko. Available for purchase at

‘Hallelujah’ by Nadine Noko.
Available for purchase at

Can you think of other reasons why we should care about art?

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