The Reasoning of the Imagination – An Exhibition

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Established artist Ray Piscopo returns with his latest exhibition, made up of over 30 evocative and meaningful pieces. The Reasoning of the Imagination, also known by its Maltese title ‘L-Immaginazzjoni li Tirraguna’, is an art exhibition made up of over 30 pieces of artwork that Ray Piscopo has been working on for the past 12 months. Expressive, sometimes haunting and always vivid, this exhibition will be on at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julian’s between 12 December and 15 January. An engineer by profession, Ray Piscopo’s art – renowned…read more

Poppins for Less

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Sef Farrugia’s iconic Poppins collection (her very first one!) is back on sale at a reduced price. But only until the end of June! The gorgeous, hand-crafted bow ties are selling at a mere €25;     while the regal scarves cost just €65.   Want something even better? Delivery is FREE. To bag this designer bargain, check out the whole range and contact Sef Farrugia directly on Facebook.

Mariette Goes Live

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As Airport Impressions are set to perform at Earth Garden, we have a quick chat with the band’s guitarist Johann Schembri. Few bands have managed to make it as big or as quickly as Airport Impressions have; in fact, it’s quite hard to believe that their first album, Minutes of a Lifetime, was released just two years ago. Since then the band (made up of Errol Sammut, Johann Schembri, Chris Curmi and Steve Farrugia) has cemented its status as one of the best and one of the most in-demand on the local scene –…read more

Launching Moveo

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‘Lost Souls’ set to come home at the launch of the Moveo Dance Company. Although Malta is an island rich in cultural and artistic heritage, interdisciplinary and collaborative work in Malta is only just starting to take prominence. That doesn’t mean, however, that such examples of expressionist art do not exist, and for five long years, some of our best pioneers in the area have been working hard to bring this exceptional art to the forefront. (I would also like to point out that the use of the word ‘some’ indicates…read more

Putting The Fun Back Into Pop Music

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It’s one of the most popular entertainment industries in Malta, but few people respect the work that goes into it. Here, CHRISTABELLE BORG tells us what’s it’s really like to be a pop star in Malta. She’s won Best Solo Artist at the Bay Music Awards (BMAs) four times; she’s performed live with Gigi D’Alessio at the PalaLottomatica in Rome and opened for Laura Pausini in Malta. Six out of her seven singles have gone straight to number one, and she’s been a recurring performer at the BMAs for years. Indeed,…read more

Kris Micallef’s REGNVM

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An imagined, underwater kingdom comes to life in Kris Micallef’s upcoming exhibition REGNVM. Kris Micallef, known for his edgy fashion photography that has gripped the imagination of many, is one of Malta’s best and most renowned photographic artists and although young, he has already been exhibited in the Netherlands (Maastricht), Belgium (Brussels), Ukraine (Kiev), France (St. Tropez), and Palestine (Jerusalem). Now, he is ready to move away from fashion and landscape, with his upcoming project REGNVM. In a nutshell, REGNVM is about a submarine kingdom, whose inhabitants live in a…read more

The Maltese Gift-Guide – Saz Mifsud

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Mesmerising & Conceptual: Saz Mifsud takes the art of printing on fabric to the next level. Scarves are one of the most underrated accessories. They give life to outfits, add colour and show off our personality and how we feel. Considering they are normally square-shaped, they are also surprisingly versatile, and this is due to their design, which is where Saz’s talent comes in. What Saz does is simple: she takes something completely ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary and beautiful. It really does not take a trained eye…read more

A Maltese Gift-Guide: Isabel Warrington

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Pass on your season’s greetings, or indeed any greetings at all, with one-off Glamourpuss cards and gift tags by Isabel Warrington. Isabel Warrington is an actor, designer and artist who started her own brand of cards called ‘Glamourpuss’. Her one-off designs have garnered much acclaim and, being hand-painted, even make gorgeous pictures that can be framed. Here, she tells us how it all kicked off, when she finds time to paint and who is most likely to love her creations! “It all started off as a hobby really,” says Isabel…read more

A Tale of Two Titties

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Undine LaVerve, Malta’s only, proper American burlesque performer, interviews the legendary Dirty Martini. Visiting Erotica 2010 in London three years ago taught me four things. One: never stare at on old man in heels unless you want him to come over and talk to you. Two: there are as many brands of dildos as there are days in a year. Three: never treat a guy friend to a sex fair on his birthday (sorry Tom!). Four: burlesque is a bit like Cher, one day it’s completely off the radar; the…read more


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Chucky Bartolo of Valherovlog fame talks art in Malta exclusively to us! Chucky Bartolo is the ultimate package when it comes to vlogging: he’s hilarious, he’s honest, he’s timely, and he always points out his mane underneath the hat/cap he uses to cover it – not in this video, obviously, although if you look closely he’s wearing a hat here too! What compelled me to ask Chucky to be featured on the blog, however, was the fact that he offers his viewers something that many Maltese, and indeed foreign, vloggers…read more