‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts Go On Sale

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The university-based LGBTQQI organisation WE ARE’s signature ‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts are now on sale through Parascandalo Marco’s Facebook page & website. Parascandalo Marco’s ‘Ahna Ahna’ T-shirts, created specifically for the LGBTQQI youth and student organisation WE ARE, are now on sale for the general public. This collaboration will see 50 per cent of the profits from the T-shirts being donated to WE ARE in order to help it reach its aims to both represent LGBTQQI youth and students in local, national and international fora, as well as to organise and…read more

Equal Rights for Everyone

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SIGN THE PETITION Human rights are beyond politics and partisanships, beyond religion, ethnicity, nations and states. And they should be for everyone without discrimination. No one has the right to tell anyone that they are not equal, that they do not deserve to officialise their partnerships, that they would not make good parents. No one has the right to make anyone else – of any race, ability, sexual orientation or gender – feel inferior. I, along with all the other people featured below, stand for justice and equality. For same…read more