A Hidden Culinary Gem

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Bean ragout, honey glazed pork & good service: the things that won me over at the Casino Restaurant at Portomaso. When I was asked to try out the Casino Restaurant at Portomaso, the first thing that went through my mind was: “Wait, there’s a restaurant there?”  The Location Having been to the Casino at Portomaso once before for the wonderful Michael Kors party – at which I tried my hand at gambling and failed rather miserably – I was quite surprised to have missed the restaurant, particularly since I’m quite…read more

The Art of Good Service

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Certain jobs, which might appear easy to do, often require skill to master and patience to execute. Waiting is definitely one of them. Someone in the hospitality sector once told me that what sets hotels in the same category apart is neither the décor nor the establishment, but the standard of service the place offers – and I realised just how right this person was when I got to spend a weekend at the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julian’s. There is something incredibly inspiring in the fact that a hotel…read more

Waterbiscuit’s Scrumptious Double Fried Chips

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Sinful and Godly with a touch of salt: Here is the recipe for what could be Malta’s best chips. Waterbiscuit in St Julian’s is by far one of the best restaurants on the island. Open 24/7 and boasting a mouth-watering menu and an energetic, super-friendly and incredibly polite staff, it has really pushed the bar. I am particularly fond of their Appletini and the Chilli and Passion Cocktail; the chicken liver parfait with pickled apples and toasted brioche bread; the paccheri with chicken confit, mushrooms, pancetta and café au lait,…read more