Day 11: The ‘Romina’ Bag (words by Iggy Fenech)

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Iggy Fenech chats to Romina Camilleri: the model, the mum & the inspiration behind the Charles&RonRomina’ Bag.

Beautiful and sophisticated, there is very little wonder as to why Romina Camilleri has been one of Charles&Ron’s muses from the very beginning. Here, I chat to her about her relationship with Charles&Ron, their funniest moments together, and what it feels like to lend your name to a best-selling, designer bag.



How would you describe your relationship with Charles and Ron?

  • I’m very close to Charles and Ron; they’re like family to me. We are always there for each other and, as two two of my closest friends, I’ve always been able to rely on them for whatever reason. They are just totally loyal, trustworthy and wonderful!

  • But, then, there is also my relationship with the Charles&Ron, the brand. And that’s just fabulous. When I wear a Charles&Ron creation I feel glamorous and good about myself.

You’ve often been the face of the Charles&Ron brand. Can you tell us more about this?

  • Yes, I was often the face of the Charles&Ron brand, and I’m very proud of it, indeed. Back in the day, we use to meet for brainstorming with everyone involved, including the hair stylist and make-up artist, to discuss everything regarding the collection. At that time, the photo shoots were handled by Ron himself.

  • It’s been a great and funny journey, really, as I’ve been the muse, the face, the mannequin and the victim of too many needle pricks during fittings. But I must say, I’ve loved every minute of it.

135A8425Can you tell us a funny moment that happened during a Charles&Ron show?

  • So, there was this time right before I was going abroad for a fashion event. Charles and Ron were kindly the first people to sponsor me, and, to cut the story short, we had a fitting session. One of the outfits I needed required an elegant sun hat. Charles got one and, after placing it on my head, he started pulling this hat down and I was screaming in agony. But all Charles did was say ‘U ejja, Romina, kemm int qansha!’ while pushing it further down. Unfortunately for me, it took him about a minute to realise the hat was full of needles!

  • Another funny moment happened during one of their fashion shows, when Charles decided to completely ignore me. As I was the next model to have to hit the catwalk, I tried to get his attention, but he was very busy sorting other models out, so I just had to go. So, there I was, showing off this beautiful dress, which, on the way back, started falling apart. By the end of it, I was just in my underwear! Embarrassing, yes, but hilarious, too!

How does it feel to have a bag named after you?

  • I feel honoured, of course, particularly because it was the first bag that they designed. I’m also very pleased that it’s now one of their best sellers!

Which C&R bag, apart from the one which bears your name, is your favourite?

  • Definitely the ‘Carlton’ Clutch Bag, because it’s simple and cool. Just like me!

135A8448Special thanks to Romina Camilleri for being part of this project, Carlton Agius for the photography, and the wonderful management & staff at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard for providing us with the premises and refreshments. To find out more about this collaboration, please click here.