Day 5: The ‘Simone’ Bag (words by Sarah Micallef)

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Pharmacist and mother of two Simone Schembri is the inspiration and namesake behind one of Charles&Ron’s most whimsical bags. Here, Sarah Micallef finds out what the cute bag and the inspirational woman behind it have in common.

135Ay2531An active person who is quick to admit she’s “always on the go”, Simone Schembri has a happy-go-lucky attitude and tries not to let anything get her down, yet is no pushover when it comes to what she’s passionate about: “I like to have a positive outlook on life, however I’m also quite strict, especially when it involves ethics or principles.”

Her relationship with designers Charles and Ron goes back a long way to her modelling days, she recalls, having known them for almost 20 years. “They were and still are a great artistic inspiration. I truly admire their work and creativity – so much so that I only wear their creations if I have an event or do. Friends have stopped asking where I bought a particular dress from because they know it must be a Charles&Ron creation. They even made my wedding dress, and people still comment on how beautiful it was to this day!”

Counting the designer duo as true friends, Simone maintains that she was honoured to find out she was the inspiration behind one of their bags. “To know they designed a bag with me in mind is a great honour and personal achievement in the world of fashion,” she enthuses.

Asked about how she feels about the vibrant bag that became her namesake, Simone happily maintains, “the bag expresses a fun, colourful attitude with a relaxed yet elegant summer feel, and I like to think I am just like that!”

135A2531As for the ultimate question, what does Simone consider as the ‘ideal’ bag?  “Bags are not just an accessory but an essential part of you, and an ideal bag is just like an assistant that knows exactly what you need in any given situation; be it small and elegant, fun and easy, serious with attitude or huge for all the kids’ stuff.”

Special thanks to Simone Schembri for being part of this project, Sarah Micallef for the lovely article, Carlton Agius for the photography, and the wonderful staff at the Athenaeum Spa at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard for providing us with the premises. To find out more about this collaboration, please click here.