Day 8: The ‘Elaine’ Bag (words by Marc Buhagiar)

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Marc Buhagiar speaks to Elaine Busuttil, Charles&Ron’s muse for the luxurious ‘Elaine‘ Clutch Bag.

Charles&Ron’s Elaine clutch bag is sleek, soft and simply to die for. Made from real leather with suede lining, the fabulous Elaine clutch bag is the epitome of elegance. Its inspiration comes in the form of Elaine Busuttil, a hairdresser and mother of one, who has been a long-time friend of Charles Borg, one of the creative, dynamic duo.


Charles and Elaine’s friendship started when the two lived next door to each other years ago. Their friendship developed further as Elaine joined the designers at various exciting events and parties. She also did some modelling for them in the past.

135A8594Asked about her thoughts about the duo, she says that she has never been disappointed by what the designers create. Elaine claims that they understand her and her personal style, making her one satisfied customer every single time she purchases something from them. In fact, she’s never had to worry when it comes to buying a dress from them: “When I order a dress, I leave it completely up to them. They deliver it to me without even trying it on and it’s always perfect,” she said.

Elaine believes the bag is a perfect representation of her personal style, and she loves how its modern and stylish look still leaves ample space available for a girl to carry everything she needs for a night out on the town. She also feels honoured to have such a unique bag named after her because of its fresh, fun design.

And who can blame her when the bag sharing her name boasts such an original, triangular shape?

Special thanks to Elaine Busuttil for being part of this project, Marc Buhagiar for the lovely article, Carlton Agius for the photography, and the wonderful staff at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard for providing us with the premises and refreshments. To find out more about this collaboration, please click here.