A Tale of Two Titties

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Undine LaVerve, Malta’s only, proper American burlesque performer, interviews the legendary Dirty Martini. Visiting Erotica 2010 in London three years ago taught me four things. One: never stare at on old man in heels unless you want him to come over and talk to you. Two: there are as many brands of dildos as there are days in a year. Three: never treat a guy friend to a sex fair on his birthday (sorry Tom!). Four: burlesque is a bit like Cher, one day it’s completely off the radar; the…read more

Kurt Paris’s Incubus

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“The human form causes desires and obsessions in many” – Kurt Paris gives us an insight into his upcoming exhibition, Incubus, with an exclusive preview of one of his photographs. Kurt Paris literally stumbled onto the scene by coincidence when iStockphoto visited Malta in 2008. Since then, his passion and talent have helped his reputation grow manifold, and his photography has been used in magazines like Pink and by brands like Toni&Guy and Vascas. In his first solo exhibition – opening this Saturday, November 2nd, at the Opus 64 Galerie in…read more

The Promising Andi Attard

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Malta’s music scene is littered with supposed “singers” who are better known for their antics than for their talents, but every now and then an artist bursts onto the scene with so much promise that you can’t help but rejoice. And Andi Attard is one of them. At 17-years-old, she has written, composed the music for and performed her first song. ‘We Can Try’, which you can listen to in the video above, was produced and mixed by Peter Borg at Railway Studios, and having been released just two months…read more


Living, Breathing Art: Malta’s Most Tattooed Man

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Art is not simply a painted canvas on an easel, nor is it poetry being put to melody. For anything to be art it has to have a memory or an emotion that not only shines through but that imprints itself on the audience, or something that provokes outrage and awe in it. That is why this week we talk not to an artist but to someone who has made art his lifestyle. His name is Charles Calleja – better known as ‘Il-Gadazz’ – and he is Malta’s most inked man….read more

The blog will officially launch tomorrow with an exclusive look at Pippa Toledo’s latest venture

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