Why I’ll Be Voting NO…

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… and why you should too. Birds are pretty incredible creatures, able to migrate for hundreds of miles. But migration isn’t that easy and these birds face many hurdles. Most birds weigh in at just a few grammes, and their journey sees them crossing the Sahara as well as the Mediterranean. A slight change in weather, which can even result in a heavy storm, can spell death for these creatures. Birds fly at an average speed of 30km/h; and the distance between Western Sahara and Italy is around 2,820km. You do…read more

Nadine Noko’s Two Heads and a City

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“Imagining things from my own perspective” – Nadine Noko talks Two Heads and a City prior to its opening and gives us an exclusive preview of one of the illustrations populating her exhibition. Nadine Noko is one of Malta’s best illustrators and designers, whose signature is simplicity. Her latest exhibition, Two Heads and a City, opens this Saturday at Splendid on Strait Street in Valletta and will look at life in Valletta, with a focus on the people and the quirkiness that make the city. Here, she talks about what…read more